Umbrella Program: We Are All in This Together

The Town Lake (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated established a partnership with Texas Empowerment Academy and Bertha Saddler Means Young Women Leadership Academy to implement an Umbrella Program to serve the student population.  The project “We Are All in This Together” commenced in May 2020, with the goal of increasing and building positive self-efficacy in the African American community.

In addition, it is our hope that the students will receive enriching experiences to prepare them for college and/or a career of their choice. All members of the Chapter participate in coordinated activities that include exposure to our five facets: Service to Youth, The Arts, National, and International Trends & Services, and Health & Human Services.


Services to Youth

Increasing Reading, STEM, and College Interest Level – Pre K through 12+

  • African American Pride through History
  • Curriculum/Activities
  • STEM Programming (RISE+)
  • Tutoring/Mentoring Programming
  • HBCU Initiative
  • Read to Me
  • Career Readiness
  • College Scholarship 

Through Links STEMReady, Links chapters work to:

  • Establish sustainable partnerships with select STEM-focused organizations and/or corporations that have national reach, demonstrated results, and progressive educational programs
  • Implement STEM educational programming pre-K – 16, including toolkit applications to support The Arts (STEAM) and Health and Human Services facets programming
  • Facilitate mentoring opportunities with STEM professionals and academia with the goal of reducing the attrition rate of college students who pursue and graduate in STEM disciplines
  • Prepare and encourage students to attend community college and/or a four-year college for STEM-related educational disciplines
  • Enhance STEM-related career opportunities for minority students through scholarships and internships

The goal of the National HBCU Initiative is to implement and increase the retention and graduation rates of students attending HBCUs. While emphasizing the relevance of HBCUs’ past, present and future, this initiative strives to create synergy and complement program initiatives already underway at schools. The Links, Incorporated supports HBCUs and encourages chapters to:

  • Partner with other national organizations
  • Host HBCU college fairs and other events
  • Mentor and recruit students to attend and graduated from HBCUs
  • Promote and encourage a connection with an HBCU and its STEM programs
  • Identify opportunities to support faculty research and/or professional development
  • Contribute to the sustainability of HBCU institutions

Mentoring is strategically integrated into all Services to Youth programs and initiatives. Links members mentor, recruit, register, and support mentors in their communities. The National Mentoring Initiative also supports the Young Achievers and Links to Success: Children Achieving Excellence programs.

The goals of this initiative are to:

  • Establish successful mentoring relationships (one-on-one, group mentoring, etc.) with youth, pre-K – 16
  • Identify and recruit more local black mentors
  • Stress competence and character building as core values in a mentoring relationship
  • Encourage mentoring relationships to focus on closing the academic achievement gap, workforce readiness and healthy lifestyles
  • Establish partnerships with local mentoring agencies to provide mentor training

Health and Human Services

My Whole Self – Increasing Oral Hygiene, Healthy Diets, and Mental Health Knowledge is a health program, which raises community awareness about our overall health, maintaining a healthy diet, and providing tools to combat mental health.

  • Mental Health Initiative
  • Walks (NAMI, ACS, March of Dimes, etc.)
  • Oral Health Initiative
  • Ronald McDonald House Meals

The Town Lake (TX) Chapter provides mentoring to a middle school girl at Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy and Texas Empowerment Academy.

The Town Lake (TX) Chapter members received training and certification in Mental Health First Aid to become the first line of support to help a person feel less distressed and be a vital source in helping the person to seek assistance.


Town Lake (TX) Chapter members will participate in Walk for Healthy Living Annual Walk- a-Thon and many other walks to help Chapter members participated in the walk, raised funds, registered voters, handed out water, and assisted with packing and loading equipment to make the event a success. 

The Arts

The Beauty in Me- Increasing an appreciation for Arts through educational opportunities is an art program seeking to ????

  • Poster Contest
  • Gallery Walk (showcasing our youth’s art)
  • Fine Art Support (plays, performances)

The Town Lake (TX) Chapter provides mentoring to a middle school girl at Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy and Texas Empowerment Academy.

The Town Lake (TX) Chapter members provides exposure to various forms of Art activities to provide students with a wordly exposure to enhance their appreciation for the arts through song and dance.


The National Poster Art Competition was created in 1995 in conjunction with The Links, Incorporated’s national walk-a-thon. The competition’s theme has traditionally had a health-related focus and sought to depict healthy, energetic, and active lifestyles. The 2019- 2020 competition broadens the health focus by adopting the theme Transforming Communities by Making Health a Habit. Students incorporated sub-themes including, but not limited to, a healthy and clean environment, a bully-free world, and an inclusive and diverse society as elements related to healthy and happy communities.

The National Poster Art Competition runs biennially from October through June, commencing in uneven years. Between December and March, Links chapters conduct their own contests to determine winners in each of four age categories:

Category I: Grades 1-3
Category II: Grades 4-6
Category III: Grades 7-9
Category IV: Grades 10-12

National Trends and Services

National Trends and Services– includes all of the voter registration, civic engagement and student mentoring and support activities. 

  • Civic Engagement
  • Be Kind Day Campaign
  • Capital Area Food Bank
  • Financially Wise

Town Lake (TX) Chapter members are actively engaged with our student population to provide virtual programming while social distancing during the pandemic to provide impactful activities that our chapter can implement from a safe distance. 

Town Lake (TX) Chapter members received training and certification to register voters. We participated in career fairs, walks, and gatherings to encourage unregistered voters to register to vote.

International Trends and Services

International Trends and Services–Increasing global awareness in African Cultures by exploring African cultures and celebrations

Increasing global awareness in African Cultures

  • Exploring the African Connection and Celebrations
  • GLOW Foundation
  • African American Choir 
  • Programming and services for persons from countries of African decent

Town Lake (TX) Chapter members will target areas within our community with the goal of uplifting pride in regard to contributions made by people of color, especially those of African decent. 

Members supporting Casa Marianella 

Programs are designed and developed to service educational, health and cultural needs and to help people emerge from poverty. A primary objective of our international work is to enrich the lives of women and their families.

Other Chapter Activities

The Town Lake (TX) Chapter is actively involved in many other activities that serve our community. We have a long-standing relationship spanning more than 20 years with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas and the Central Texas Food Bank.


The Town Lake (TX) Chapter volunteers monthly to prepare dinner for the Ronald McDonald families. Each meal, with a minimum of four courses, has a theme and is enough to feed at least twenty families.

The Town Lake (TX) Chapter donates annually a minimun of $15,000.00 to the Central Texas Food Bank and partners with them to provide backpacks filled with nutritious food for children to eat over weekends.